Project Manager - Climate Change / Sustainability

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Webuild Services LLC / Webuild Staffing
Climate Change Project Manager
Webuild (www.webuildstaffing.com) is seeking a Climate Change Project Manager to assist in the development and implementation of a long term, consumer based greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction campaigns utilizing strategic media, public relations and technical studies throughout the Asian and Chinese Marketplaces targeting over 1 billion consumers.
The ideal individual would have 4+ years of related work experience on climate change initiatives and specifically GHG reduction technical studies that educate, bring awareness and change to greenhouse gas emissions on the environment. Must have the abilities to assist in conducting climate change research, developing campaign strategies, formulating proposals, identifying strategic opportunities, partnerships and assisting in the development and implementation of mass media campaign efforts (social media, print advertising, tv commercials, etc..) on strategic climate change issues related to public transportation, sustainable agricultural, industrial consumption and/or energy efficiency from direct consumer actions.
Additional responsibilities will include assisting in the development of the strategic marketing plan of action, conducting fund raising efforts, and working with staff (i.e. country directors, celebrities, political operatives, etc.) for overall program success.
Candidates that have an environmental technical background with previous experience in mass media, public awareness campaign implementation efforts for governmental agencies, foundations, non-profits or public organizations will be given priority consideration.
Requires a degree in Environmental Studies, Urban Planning, Advertising, Business Administration or related discipline. MBA preferred. Must have excellent written and verbal communication abilities, as well as, a strong understanding of the Asian culture
For consideration please forward resume or contact directly:
Webuild Services LLC / Webuild Staffing
PO Box 189
Lincoln, Ca 95648
Phone: 916-677-1428
Fax: 916-677-1478
NOTE: Candidates that submit their resume via our website at www.webuildstaffing.com will received immediate consideration and interview scheduling.
Should you submit your resume via email: we make every effort to follow-up with candidates upon resume submission; As we receive an extremely high volume of resumes via email on a daily basis all applications may not be follow-up on immediately. Please be assured though we have your resume on file and will keep you informed of potential opportunities
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