Payroll Tech II

POSITION: Payroll Technician II - 1.0 FTE

Under general direction of the Director of Fiscal Services, perform complex and technical payroll accounting functions in the preparation, processing, distribution, maintenance and verification of payroll, and reports for certificated and classified employees including but not limited to computing gross salary; summarizing deductions such as withholding taxes, insurance, tax annuity, and other deductions; preparing and auditing compliance reports including STRS and PERS; preparing annual and quarterly reports for state and federal government.
Knowledge of school accounting procedures related to payroll; STRS and/or PERS reporting methods desirable; practices, and terminology used in accounting and payroll record-keeping; procedures and policies related to payroll and data processing; ability to maintain accurate and complete records; read and understand payroll reports, records, and technical and legal materials; post data and arithmetic computations with ease and accuracy; create and manage complex Excel spreadsheets; work collaboratively with District staff to enhance District services, operations, and work environment.
Education equivalent to an Associate's degree from an accredited college or university with coursework in payroll, or a related field and three (3) years of experience in payroll and record-keeping. Or education equivalent to a High School diploma and at least (3+) years of experience in payroll and record-keeping.

November 2013

$3531.37 - $4,302.67 (5 steps)

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Don't Be Fooled

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